this present article is meant to be the direct continuation of  my article,”the choking truth about how God considers a successful life”  make sure you first check on the first and read it.

Apostle Paul, a young man in his late thirties, had completed his schooling and had all his certificates. And like any of us in his place would have done, he had decided to give meaning to his life by choosing a career. But one day as he was going about killing Christians in the name of defending his faith, he encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus. The fateful question Paul asked during that encounter, prompted Jesus to reveal his life’s purpose to him. Paul asked the critical question that everyone who wants to live a meaningful life must ask: “Lord, what do you want me to do?” (Acts 9:4-6 NKJV.) What Williams Barclay said is true that “there are two great days in a person’s life—the day we are born and the day we discover why.”
Until we all seek and discover God’s purpose for creating us into this world, we will not have a worthy reason to live for. There is but one true purpose in life. All other things are subsidiary to it. To succeed with your life, you start by discovering that one purpose; that is your destiny. Everyone has a purpose in life; a unique gift or special talent to give to others. So your success journey starts when you discover that reason why God created you into this world.
Some people like Paul are so privileged that the Lord revealed their destinies audibly to them. To others he uses other means to make them know the mission he has for them on this earth. Whatever the means God uses, the important thing is that you should discover your destiny so that you can fulfill it.
1- Firstly, I discovered my spiritual gifts
Our spiritual gifts and endowments are the first indicators of the mission God has for us on this earth. The moment you are in Christ, God automatically endows you with some spiritual gifts to use either in the church which is his body or in the world to influence men for him. You discover your spiritual gift mainly by exercising them. Any believer sees himself spontaneously attracted toward the exercise of some spiritual gifts, it can be teaching, preaching, evangelizing, giving, prophesying, praying for the sick, etc… It suddenly occurs to a believer to do one of those things and the more you do them the more you discover those which are really your gifts and those that you are doing just out of a need or out of excitement. You will always feel compelled to operate in those which are your real gift. And you will always be fruitful in them. You will act out of need or excitement in relation to those which are not your gifts. And you will bear less fruit in them.
2- I discovered my passions
The second step that led me to discover my life’ purpose was the discovery of my passions. Passion simply means what your heart is attracted to. Passion is often triggered when you see someone doing something and feel that you like to do same or do it even better. Also watch for satisfactions. When you get a glow of satisfaction from doing a job, even though you don’t know why, it’s likely to be a passion. You more especially discover your passion by taking a personal self-reflection, asking yourself simple questions like:
• What do I really enjoy doing most? The things we are attracted to in life are often an indication of our uniqueness and consequently of our destiny.
• Also ask, when do I feel the most fully alive? Which activity makes you excited, is it when you sing, dance read, think, or speak? Your strongest desires, talents and opportunities reveal God’s calling and dream for your life.
• Furthermore, ask “if I have free time, what would I prefer to do?” “To know who you are, you must pay attention to what you enjoy, what you will indulge in when nobody watches you, when you are not under pressure of social standards, when you are free from public eye, when you are all by yourself,” States, Valdo Rao..
3- I discovered my abilities
Any one of us has his natural talents, some are singers, some are carpenters, some are electricians, etc…Our talents are the tools that we have brought into this world to perform the specific tasks associated with our role. Recognizing and developing our talents will help us discover our role.
Talent is characterized by initial rapid learning that continues for a life time. You can divide the things in your life into 4 categories according to the degree of difficulty in learning them and the degree of difficulty in doing them. 1) Things that are hard to learn and hard to do. These are likely to be your weak areas. No matter how much you try and how often you come back to them, they are things you are never going to enjoy or do with ease. Make them a small part of your life, done out of necessity not choice. 2) Things that are hard to learn and easy to do. These are likely to be everyday skills that take time to be learnt but, once mastered, are never forgotten. 3) Things that are easy to learn but hard to do. These are likely to be activities that, although you know how to do them, always present a challenge. 4) Things that are easy to learn and easy to do. These are where your natural talents lie because you engage in these activities with carefree, natural and unrestrained ease and joy. The things you excel in are your abilities.
4- I discovered my personality,
Personality is the set of characteristics that don’t change during your life but can develop in healthy and positive directions. Anyone of us has a unique personality and our personality is also a serious indicator of the mission God has for us in this planet earth. Some are introverted, others are extroverted. Some are thinkers whereas others are feelers? Some enjoy competing while others like cooperating. Some like routine and others prefer variety. Your personality can offer clues to the things you are destined to do in your life. The typical personality models are called our “temperament“, these are the four main classes of temperament:
-the sanguine (quick, enthusiastic, and changeable)
– The phlegmatic (slow, calm, Lazy)
-the choleric (excitable, proud, quick to react)
– The melancholic (pessimistic, sad, slow to react).
5- I discovered my constant experiences
You can examine your life’s experiences and from them extract some lessons that will further direct your course in life. This is drawing a line of your life to the present date charting the ups and downs. Never forget that most of the things God causes you to pass through in life especially bitter and painful experiences are a preparation for the way he wants you to serve his purpose in the future. God causes you to pass through some things so that some things can be able to pass through you. The things you suffer prepare you for those you will offer. You can check the events in your life, and your reactions to them. Check at what makes you happy and makes you afraid, get feedback on your work and behavior from parents, colleagues and friends. Also study the type of relationships you are entertaining and how they make you feel; you can know yourself by checking on the type of people you like to be with and work with. By examining your experiences you will further discover your areas of strength.



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