The word destiny has many connotations, in this context it means the reason of our creation and sending into this world.
God created and sent anyone of us in this world for a specific purpose and craves to see us bravely accomplish the reason of our presence in this terrible planet.
It would be very painful to God and devastating to us if at the end of our sojourn on this earth we are not happily received in eternal glory. God’s dream is to help us fulfill the great destiny he set for us before the foundation of the world. What shall we profit if we toil this tearful world and do not receive a “well done, good and faithful servant” at the other side?
Surely, there is no other important task for us than to discover and fulfill the purpose of our presence on the earth. Paul J. Meyer, observes, “Discovering His purpose for your life, and then living it out, is the most exciting and fulfilling adventure possible.” Because fulfilling our purpose is an uncompromising reality, today there are more books, recordings, and seminars on how to know God’s plan for our lives than ever in human history. Through those wonderful channels we are introduced to many steps, plans, secrets, and keys that can help us fulfill our destinies.

I have also been exposed to some of those tips in fact they actually helped me to discover and start living my God-given life’s purpose. But of the hundreds of destiny fulfillment principles I have come across, twenty- four of them in my opinion are absolute. In this article I will introduce you to the first absolute step of destiny fulfillment and in subsequent articles I will progressively unfold the remaining twenty-three, so watch out.

The number one step of destiny fulfillment is to discover that destiny. You can only fulfill a destiny that you have discovered. Obviously, God has a destiny for you; He created you for a specific purpose. Your responsibility is then to discover that destiny so that you can fulfill it. With God we don’t decide our destiny He does it, we just discover it. It may be great destiny connected to the whole world or just a small destiny as to influence only few people’s lives; we don’t decide that it is God’s supreme prerogative. What we decide is whether to discover and fulfill our destinies or not.
Why is discovering our destiny so important?
Four reasons:
face_smile1- The first and simplest reason is just like with everyone; God has defined a destiny for you! Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life, he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated. Everyone has a unique task and it is his specific opportunity to discover and implement it. We may look alike but you have your own mission that nobody else can fulfill. You have your physical attributes, your own mental make-up. But more than all these, you have your special, unique, and an un-copiable mission, you are destined for special tasks that nobody else can execute quite as you. You are gifted for a special mission here on earth, whether this is a mission to fulfill on the world stage or on a small stage as someone who makes a difference to just a few other people.
2- Knowing your destiny will help you channel your life in the right direction. Your destiny is the mission of your life. When you know who you are destined to be, you easily carry yourself to the direction, and you are ready to balance yourself back each time something wants to derail you. When you know who you are destined to be you control the things around you to help you fulfill that purpose.
3- Also, your life will have a lot of value to you if you discover your life’s purpose. When you know that you are living the life God destined for you, you feel a lot of satisfaction and life has a lot of meaning to you. Knowing God’s purpose for creating you will give meaning to your life and most important prepare you for eternity. You cannot bring great value to yourself and to those around you if you have not discovered who you are really destined to be.
4- Lastly, discovering your destiny will help you to easily accept and collaborate with others. When you know exactly what God has assigned you to do, you easily admit that God has also given someone else an assignment and consequently easily fit yourself in their assignment and collaborate with them. If you don’t know what your assignment is you will promptly engage in someone else’s assignment, you will be hard to go along with, and you will constantly have identity crisis. No matter how great your destiny is, it is meant to fit into others’ destinies.
Now that you have few reasons for discovering your destiny, your next question is,
Discovering your God given destiny is difficult but not impossible. It is a tedious exercise but an exciting one. Here are some tips to help you discover your life’s purpose:
Be in Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us in Colossians 1:16 that everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible got started in him and finds its purpose in him.” If you are already in Jesus , take this next step,
Identify your spiritual gifts. Are our spiritual gift is the first indication of the mission God has for us in this world. The moment you are in Christ, God automatically endows you with some spiritual gifts to use either in the church which is his body or in the world to influence men for him. You discover your spiritual gift mainly by exercising them. Any believer sees himself spontaneously attracted toward the exercise of some spiritual gifts, it can be teaching, preaching, evangelizing, giving, prophesying, praying for the sick, etc… It suddenly occurs to a believer to do one of those things and the more you do them the more you discover those which are really your gifts and those that you are doing just out of a need or out of excitement.
Identify your passion. You can know it by taking a personal self-reflection. Authors propose some questioning to detect our passion. Questions as: what do I really enjoy doing most? The things we are attracted to in life are often an indication of our uniqueness and consequently of our destiny. Some people are attracted to books; some are attracted to machines, others to tools, still others to medicines. There is a connection between your potential and your purpose.
Identify your abilities. Any one of us has his natural talents, some are singers, some are carpenters, some are electricians, etc…Our talents are the tools that we have brought into this world to perform the specific tasks associated with our role. Recognizing and developing our talents will help us discover our role. There is a connection between your equipment and your assignment.
Identify your personality. Your personality is the set of characteristics that don’t change during your life but can develop in healthy and positive directions. Authors say we can discover who we are by asking the following questions: “am I more introverted or extroverted? Am I more of a thinker or a feeler? Which do I enjoy more-competing or cooperating? Do I like routine or variety? Do I prefer serving with a team or by myself? Identify your personality because there is always a connection between your design and your destiny.
Examine your life’s experiences. You can examine your life’s experiences and from them extract some lessons that will further direct your course in life. This is drawing a line of your life to the present date charting the ups and downs. Never forget that most of the things God causes you to pass through in life especially bitter and painful experiences are a preparation for the way he wants you to serve his purpose in the future. God causes you to pass through some things so that some things can be able to pass through you. The things you suffer prepare you for those you will offer. We cannot take people to where we have not been, that is why God takes us to some places. There is always a connection between your misery and your ministry.

GOD BLESS YOU! Watch out for the subsequent articles and learn more on how to fulfill your God given destiny

I recommend the following books, written on destiny fulfillment

Fulfilling Your God Given Destiny: Your road map for finding, following, and finishing your course
Casey Treat

From Here to There
Mr. Louis Howard

Preventing the Miscarriage of Destiny: Strategic Steps for Fulfilling Your God Given Call
Glen Staples

Running After Destiny: A Journey to a place called “There”
Torrian T Scott

Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits
T.D. Jakes



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