Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”(2 Tim 2:15 KJV)
Even though Roger Milla has always been a great footballer in his amazing career, he is most remembered for his exploits during the 1990 world cup in Italy. What most of us ignore is that behind those performances lay special training and preparation. Despite his age, Milla still felt that the Italian world cup could be an opportunity to impress the world and end his tremendous career in a grand style. The news paper reported, and I heard Roger Milla also confirmed that prior to that tournament he decided to exile himself to the tiny Indian Ocean island of Reunion to be a player-coach for a semiprofessional team called St. Pierre de la Reunion. Milla received very little money or attention in Reunion. But for him, it was a chance to prepare for a tournament that was to change the story of his life. Milla for a while avoided the extraneous pressures and distractions that are so prevalent in the European leagues and particularly in international competition. There, even though being a player and coach, Milla still recruited a personal physical coach with whom he was training. The result of that special training was made manifest at the view of the entire world. Milla Amazed all soccer fans with his astonishing performances during the Italian world cup. What was true to roger Milla is what is true with all those you see performing well. They take time to prepare and to train. Former American President Abraham Lincoln wisely attested that if you give him six hours to cut down a tree, he will spend the first four sharpening his axe. The way you prepare determines the way you perform.

Training is like sharpening one’s axe. When you have an idea of your life’s purpose, and your goals stated before you in a sheet of paper, training is the next step. You cannot be sufficiently efficient, and yield greater results with your talent if you are not trained. Part of your plan for developing your potential and achieving success should include time for studying and learning about the field in which you want to succeed.
There are 17 truths about training that you need to know. Here are the first 4:

Training will profit you in the following manners:

  1. It will have a positive repercussion on your performances.
    All those you see performing exceptionally well in their field have trained. They made sure they acquired the specialized knowledge and skills they needed to do well. Training will surely have a positive repercussion on your performances.
  2. It will enhance your chances to succeed
    Those who train become more performant and consequently increase their chances to succeed. Those who fail to train weaken their chances for success because really, ‘knowledge is power’.
  3. It will provide you with any type of knowledge you need
    There is no way to be knowledgeable without training. But with training we surely acquire knowledge. Train yourself. Don’t be tempted, as many are, to make shortcuts, to avoid the hard years of serious study.
  4. Training will prepare you to face the challenges of our speedily changing world
    The knowledge you acquire today may not be sufficient ten years from now. But as you continue training, you will surely upgrade yourself. Despite the constant and rapid changes our world is going through, training and continuous training can upgrade anyone with knowledge to face the challenges of this ever altering universe.
    Here are the next 4 truths about training:


  1. Determine the purpose of the knowledge.
    It is always important to determine in advance the exact purpose for which you are training. For instance if you contemplate taking additional schooling, first determine the purpose for which you want the knowledge you are seeking.
  2. learn where this particular sort of knowledge can be obtained from reliable sources. It pays to know how to purchase knowledge when you have decided on the sort of specialized knowledge or skill you require, inquire of where this sort of knowledge or skill can be found.
  3. Know that Information is always available.
    Be sure any type of information you need is available. There is, at any given time, a vast amount of information available to support you in creating whatever you desire. When you have determined what you want as information those informations will always be available and can come through to you.
  4. Remember that training is an ongoing process
    We have observed that training and preparing are never-ending processes. As you get ready to start training remember that you are just doing the first stage of your training. Successful men, in all callings, never stop acquiring specialized knowledge related to their major purpose, business, or profession. If you’re going to be one of the best persons, then you have to make training an integral part of your culture—not something you stick in when you have the time or a little extra money.

If you fulfill the 4 above mentioned requirements, then you are ready to learn the next 4 truths. These are:

You should have accurate idea concerning dependable sources of information and training. The most important of these are:

  1. Books
    We gather information by reading. “Leaders are winners, and winners are readers”. Books are good sources of informations first of which is the Bible. We will never say it enough that the Bible is the first book you should read if you want to know and fulfill your destiny. After the Bible, you have Christian literature. And then any other books that are related to your field. Books can be gotten from bookshops and Public Libraries. As we affirmed earlier, it is by reading that we gather the greatest part of our learning.
  2. Classes and workshops
    The other way to gather information is to attend classes. Those who are technicians can train in a workshop. Those who want to acquire Bible knowledge can attain classes in a seminary or Bible school. Those who want to acquire secular knowledge can attain a college or university. There are also training schools for those who want to do other jobs for the Lord. Today we can attend classes even online. We also have special training courses (Through night schools and home study schools in particular).
  3. Seminars
    Besides the training we might have received in a school or a university, we can still upgrade ourselves by attending seminars. In every setting, seminars are organized from time to time to help improve the performance of the workers. Never take such opportunities lightly, instead seize them to gather more information and upgrade yourself.
  4. Tapes
    Audio tapes are also good tools to gather information. Buy messages and teachings that are recorded and listen to them from time to time. Today we have even audio books. Buy and listen to those recordings and you shall greatly improve on your knowledge.

Training is vital if we want to do well. But many people don’t draw maximum profit from their training time because they commit some mistakes. These are the 5 last truths:

1- Don’t fail to take care of your entire being
Even if study is a purely mental exercise; still the body and the spirit will have a role to play in the process.
• The spirit should always be fed when you are studying so that it can remain alive and revived.
• Take good care of the body.
The body is exceedingly needful for successful studies. You take care of the body first by having a sufficient balanced diet, and rest. We learn that, intellectual work requires more hours of sleep than physical work. Averagely we need 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily to be intellectually alert. Regular physical exercises likewise help the body to remain fit.
2-Don’t fail to take care of your study environment
The place where we study also goes a long way to influence our studies; therefore make your study environment appropriate. Make sure there is quietness around your study environment.

3- Don’t fail to take care of your study process
The way you go about your studies will also determine how much and how well you study. In this vein, it is advised that we do only the things we should do, trying by all means to avoid false work. Each time you feel unable to concentrate in the process of studying go for a walk or take a bath.
4-Don’t fail to take care of your objectives
We study more effectively and with more concentration when we have fixed objectives. Objectives are different from intentions. Intentions are vague but objectives are precise. For instance you may decide on the number of pages of a book you want to read per day or the number of books you want to read per week. Anyhow, fix attainable objectives.
5- Don’t fail to take notes
Most of the time we are unable to remember what we read in a book some days ago, or what we heard in a class some days ago simply because we did not care to take notes as we were reading or listening. We should always take notes. At least for the following reasons:
• The memory is faulty. As we read or listen we came across many important information and our memory cannot keep all of them at once so taking notes relieves the mind.
• Taking notes helps us to remain concentrated during reading or listening. Only listening is more or less a passive exercise whereas when you take notes you are constantly alert in spirit as you select what to put down, this activity stops the mind from wandering.
• Taking notes helps us to structure our material. Consequently we can easily assimilate and memorize it. To put titles and sub-titles, we are obliged to organize ideas around a plan. This facilitates memorization.
• Taking notes helps us rebuild the lecture even some years later. Some subjects never lose their importance. Therefore the notes we took on the subject can be useful even ten or twenty years later, whereas the memory would forget them all.
So, training is important for success as it will enhance our performances and increase our chance to do well. Training is the 5th absolute step of destiny fulfillment. To read the 4 previous steps, click here:

                                                GOD BLESS YOU


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