what a friend we have in Jesus

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Can’t Drive 55.”  Friendship is a precious asset. We really often say  that no man is an island. A person you has no friend surely cripples his chances for help and support in time of need. The agony and peril we go through at times in life, compels us to have a shoulder on which we can rest in those critical moments. But men have always proven not trustworthy  at times a man you thought could be a real support for you  in times of crisis, suddenly shy away when you need him the most. I have been there before; just recently a had a problem with my children school fees.The school authorities threaten to send them away if I don’t pay the fees in two days. That embarrassing situation prompted me to turn toward those I thought they could help me. Only to be disappointed by all of them. I then remembered that I have another friend called Jesus when  I turned to him, he provided a solution to my problem. Really, we need friendship but there is only one true and faithful friend his name is Jesus.


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