Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1Thess 5:16-18.NIV)
Motivation is said to be the magic ingredient in the formula of success. Without it, it is very difficult and some times even impossible to attain success, but with it nothing seems impossible.
I have made a serious observation that people easily lose motivation, even for the most important projects in life.
But I have some good news; you can conquer demotivation and remain motivated. Here is how to go about it.
Dr Mike Murdock teaches that the best way to get motivated is to first know why we lost it, and then learn how to correct it. I fully agree to Dr Mike’s advices because, Identifying an enemy is the first weapon to fight it.
Here are the first 5 enemies of motivation:

It comes when we try to do too much too fast and at the detriment of health and spiritual life. We should not try to do too much at a time; it may break us down and kill our motivation. To avoid fatigue, it is advised that you have some achievable goals for every day. Success is obtained one step after the other. Try as much as possible never to end your day being completely exhausted. Certain essentials are necessary for you to experience a successful day: a) rest, b) exercise, c) scripture study, and d) prayer. When you ignore these daily priorities, there will be heaviness within your spirit. God has arranged for you to feel uncomfortable when he is not happy with you.
gnome_face_smile2. Lack of confidence
It is difficult to continue attempting something if you don’t believe that you can do it. You would only be setting yourself up for failure. This doubt in your capacity is called lack of self-confidence. You will need to boost your confidence level if you are going to regenerate your motivation and get back on track. To address lack of confidence, focus on what you already have rather than what you lack, create your own personal positive words that you can tell yourself to boost you up. Speak to yourself using encouraging words. It is true that motivation can come from outside; it may come from a preacher during a motivational seminar, or from reading motivation material. But real motivation is the one we give to ourself. External motivation gives us a quick burst of energy, but do not last.
You need to motivate yourself using encouraging words. Repeat things that you already know to help remind yourself of what you’ve already achieved. Think positively even if you don’t yet believe what you are telling yourself – eventually, you may start to believe it. Learn to accept a compliment from others – and actually enjoy the feedback. Then the more self-confident we become, the more we are able to achieve. Understanding the relationship between motivation and self-confidence is important if you want to be able to improve either trait in yourself.
This is the next reason why we lose motivation. This happens when you no more know exactly what you want, or you might find yourself scattered across so many different goals that you find it difficult to complete any of them. It’s so easy to lose focus on what we are trying to achieve in today’s busy world. There is so much going on that we can get anxious, distracted, and lose our ability to focus. To address lack of focus, you need to converge your efforts on what you are doing so that you can begin making achievements – even if they are small – which will encourage you to move on to the next goal and the next and so on. Reminding yourself of your life assignment can also help you to regain focus.
Nothing motivates a person more than a sense of purpose. The purpose you have set for yourself is a huge source of motivation. Any person who refocuses on his discovered destiny will surely regain motivation.
gnome_face_smile4. Lack of direction
This happens when you don’t know exactly how to proceed to get what you want. You may know what you want and you believe that you can do it, but you just don’t know how to get there. When this happens it would either stop or demotivate us. To resolve lack of direction, sometimes just staying in action can be important – even if you aren’t exactly sure which actions to take. The good news is that if you can educate yourself on the necessary steps, you should be able to restore your motivation. Let’s say that you have developed your goals and have something to focus on, and you feel pretty confident that you can achieve the goal but still you find it difficult to find the direction that you need. To solve this block, you simply need to take your goal and break it down into the daily strategy that you will use to achieve it. You should literally have steps written down on ‘to-do’ lists so that you have specific tasks to focus on each day. When you sit down to work, pull out your to-do list and get started and you will find that you now have a clear direction to move forward in.
This motivation killer becomes active when you have friends who distract you or keep on discouraging you by their words and actions. Some wrong friends intentionally destroy your self-Esteem and your self-Efficacy. Self-esteem is the capacity to respect and think well of yourself. It means that you appreciate yourself as a unique individual with your own set of skills, talents, and abilities. David Burns defines self-esteem as “the capacity to experience maximal self-love and joy whether or not you are successful at any point in your life.” Albert Bandura is considered an expert on the concept of self-efficacy. He stated that people perceive their own self-efficacy as “people’s judgments of their capabilities to organize and execute courses of action required to attain designated types of performances. Wrong friends will break your self-esteem and self-efficacy and if these two later ones are broken, your motivation will also be broken.
To summarize ,avoid what demotivates you, and you will automatically stay motivated.
Nathaniel Brandenon advises, “How do we keep our inner fire alive? Two things, at minimum, are needed: an ability to appreciate the positives in our life – and a commitment to action. Every day, it’s important to ask and answer these questions: ‘What’s good in my life?’ and ‘What needs to be done?”

                                                       God bless you


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