4 compelling reasons why you should learn from others


A Lion, unable from old age and infirmities to provide himself with food by force, resolved to do so by artifice. He returned to his den, and lying down there, pretended to be sick, taking care that his sickness should be publicly known. The beasts expressed their sorrow, and came one by one to his den, where the Lion devoured them. After many of the beasts had thus disappeared, the Fox discovered the trick and presenting himself to the Lion, stood on the outside of the cave, at a respectful distance, and asked him how he was. “I am very middling,” replied the Lion, “but why do you stand without? Pray enter within to talk with me.” “No, thank you,” said the Fox. “I notice that there are many prints of feet entering your cave, but I see no trace of any returning. What a wise fox! Though his fellow animals behave so carelessly and ignorantly, at lest he learned from their mistake.

Learning from others can permit us to do better than them, especially when we are learning from their mistakes. No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals and learn from them.  so,Improve yourself by other’s experiences, so you shall  not only quickly acquire what others labor long for, but also save yourself from disaster an eventual death. A Fox has just taught us.

Many people use to argue that the best way to learn was through T&E or trial and error but the problem with that approach as we have already observed is, the time it takes and the risk it may involve. if the Fox opted to learn by experience, it would have died like many animals before him. Indeed, Those who think that they have already attained and need not to learn anymore have just started a journey that will sooner or later lead to stagnation,progressive deterioration, and even death.

however, It’s terribly time-consuming to try one approach, then another, and another, to see what works. That’s learning the “hard way.” Truly successful people take a very different approach. And they achieve success a great deal quicker—because they don’t have to start at square one, experimenting with trial and error to see what works. They start with OPE or “Other People’s Experience.

Truly successful people learn from the successes and failures of others. They study the best to become the best, and in the process, they almost always get better. We should learn from others to improve. But if you refuse to learn because you are self-satisfied, you will automatically stagnate. Not only that, if you’re so self-satisfied that you don’t want to learn from others, your future failures and pains might be your next teacher. According to an African proverb, “A jigger-footed man who is uncompromising and arrogant will have his jiggers removed with blunt bamboo sticks.”

1- Because others are an available source for additional knowledge

2- Refusing to learn from others is a sign of stupidity

3– Learning from others permits us to advance faster

4- Learning from others permits us to do better

Learning from the experience of others saves you the time you would have used to experience everything by yourself before learning. When you are willing to learn from other people, you will find many answers to some of the questions you have been asking yourself. Almost everything you will want to know in life, any question you might ask, somebody has an answer to give you. You can get it by reading a book, listening to a tape, or hearing the person speak. The real benefit of learning from people’s knowledge is that, if you properly assimilate and apply the lessons you learn from them, you may reached a level of success that they themselves have not reached.
1- Learn from their success.

2- Learn from their revelation

3- Learn from their failures

4- Learn from their reproaches

In conclusion, Take note that a teachable person is not a weak person. On the contrary he is very strong because he has a developed self-esteem and self-worth. A person whose self-esteem or self-worth is not strong enough will not accept input from others. How many times have you said, “Don’t tell me how to do it. I want to do it myself.” What you are really saying is “I don’t want you to show me, because then you will appear smarter or more intelligent than I am.” A person with low self-esteem wants to look good all the time.

You have to allow others to be your teachers. This doesn’t mean you have to accept everything they say, but it is to your advantage to at least listen to them to see if what they have to say is of value. It doesn’t matter who helps you or shows you the way, the only thing that matters is the end result. If someone can show you how to get there easier, better or faster, then better learn from him! So,  View everyone around you as a teacher; from some, seek to learn what not to do and from others, what to do.

                                                      GOD BLESS YOU !

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