Here comes the eighteenth absolute principle of destiny fulfillment:


If you falter in times of trouble, how small is your strength! (Prov 24:10.NIV)”

On the way of destiny fulfillment, failure is an experience that we can’t avoid. Nevertheless the law of destiny states, FAIL BUT, GET UP. Times of trouble shall come to any child of God who it out to accomplish the reason of his coming into this world nonetheless be shouldn’t falter in them.
Apostle Peter is a perfect illustration of someone who got up from a terrible fall to accomplish a great destiny. Peter committed the worst mistake that a man can commit; he denied the Lord Jesus. Jesus is the one who can forget all the mistakes we commit, but, went we make the mistake of denying him what else remains except that we are doomed? But the Lord is gracious; he always gives another chance even in our worst. Simon Peter had denied the Lord in the heat of trial. The Lord made him after His resurrection by the sea Tiberias, and gave him another change. Peter seized it, and his comeback was amazing as he rose up to become the leading apostle among the eleven. On the day of Pentecost he made a speech and three thousand souls were converted.

To pursue a failure-free life is to run after an elusive fantasy; it is a waste of mental and physical energy. Every living person experiences some failures. If there is a thing you must be sure of as you seek to fulfill destiny it is that you are going to experience many fails.


Natural Circumstances
We fail most of the time just because of natural circumstances. At times life’s circumstances are in our favor, and work for our happiness, peace, and contentment. During those moments we have smooth sailing, and everything goes pleasantly. But at other times without choosing it, we experience rough weather, storms, circumstances that are beyond our control.

Personal Mistakes
These ones come through carelessness. We act unwisely or improperly, and people buffet us for our faults. We are ridiculed or condemned. Our names are on the tongue of the gossips, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.
The Mistakes Of Others Can At Times Have Ramifications In Our Failure
Many Israelites failed at Ai not because of their mistakes but because of achan’s. See (Josh 7:1.NIV). But Joshua did not allow this failure to stop him; he went to God in prayer, and God revealed the cause of the trouble to him.
The Devil At Times, Cause Our Failure
Apostle Peter failed by the devil’s temptation, (Luke 22:31-32.NIV). For some reason, we are left liable to Satan’s attacks. God Could shut him clear away from this world, just as he has shut him away from heaven, if he chose. But for some purpose he sees fit to let us be exposed to his attacks here. God sees it fit sometimes to let him try us severely, but there never need be any cause for despair.. If Satan makes the temptation, God makes the way out. Sometimes he does not let us see the way out, even when he has prepared it, and we have to resist and endure the temptation until he sees that it has gone far enough, and then He shows us the way out.
Divine Trial
Sometimes God Himself tries or proves us. The Purpose of God trying us is often that we may know ourselves. If we become self-sufficient, or go to rejoicing in our own works, he will likely send upon us or permit to come upon us something that will bring us to know our insufficiency and need of help from him. Danger is often the only thing that can help us to know our own weakness; so God Often lets danger come in order to bring us to our senses. Unfortunately, some of us like Cain before us; we fail during those trying moments.


Seek comfort and seek solution. Failure brings pain and disappointment, it is thus good to stop first and obtain some comfort. Never pretend as if nothing has happened, rather acknowledge your failure and accept the pain that comes with it and then seek for comfort. But don’t fall in the trap of staying comfortable. Lick your wounds so to speak, prepare for a new effort, and then go for solution to the problem. Avoid the two extremes; never look for solution without first looking for comfort and never stay in the comfort that you refused to look for a solution and try again.
Talk about your disappointment with someone intelligent and caring; someone you can trust. This person will help give you the comfort and advice you need to recover from your disappointment. You can write down your feelings. If you are angry, let it spill out on paper. Deal with how you really feel, don’t avoid it. Talk with people who have also known disappointment. Find out how they dealt with it, what they learned. handled them.
Learn to handle fear. Fear and failure are first cousins. To handle failure you need to know how to handle fear. In fact if you can deal with your fears ahead of time, you can prevent failure or at least be able to deal with problems in a more positive way when they come.
Don’t press the panic button. Undoubtedly, we have to do something when things are going wrong. But doing something doesn’t mean that you should press the panic button. When something is going wrong, keep your focus on the desired result. Don’t lament the past forever, don’t panic instead plan your strategy for your next step.
Always reinforce your steps of success. This you do by concentrating more on the rewards of success. Always learn the lessons you need to learn from difficulties even destructive confrontations and failures. Try not to repeat those same situations again if at all possible. The harder you are thrown the higher you can bounce; you can turn the scars of your failures into stars of success. This, if you are willing to get up and continue each time you fail.
Set internal standards for excellence. Accept yourself as you are, but keep upgrading your standards and adapting your behavior to the situation. Remember that the ability to adapt is everything. Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently. The most important lesson one can learn from his life is not that there is pain in this world, but that it depends upon him to turn it into a good account, that it is possible for him to transmute it into joy. There is no gain without pain.
Never forget that when a door closes another swings wide open. Don’t look at the closed door that you missed, look at the one that is opening. When failure closes one door, many other doors get wide open, therefore each time you fail, gather your pieces dust yourself and push a new door and enter.

In reality there is no such thing as failure: it’s just part of education on the way to our inevitable success. Success often follows a resounding failure as if life wants to reward the brave soul able to surmount such devastating setbacks. Great souls are grown through struggles and storms and seasons of suffering. Be patient with the process.
Once again, remember that the law of destiny says, FAIL BUT, GET UP.

God bless you


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