The twentieth absolute principle of destiny fulfillment is:

                                       PRACTICE TOLERANCE

We all have both a king and a fool living in us. Each of them acts from time to time and destiny fulfillment requires that we praise the king when he has acted and tolerate the fool when he as acted. Tolerance therefore becomes a serious demand if we want to finish our journey of success as by it we bear the fool in us.

You will surely come across many irritating and unpleasant people and situations as you seek to fulfill your assignment in this terrible planet. Some situations will not turn out the way you expected, some people will not behave the way you anticipated, even yourself will not always behave the way you wish in the sense that you will make wrong choices and take wrong decisions from time to time. Tolerance consists in bearing all those shortcomings and progressively trying to overcome them.

Tolerance is a secret success principle. There is nobody who has ever succeeded without it, it is either they applied it consciously or unconsciously. Tolerance is like a life–jacket to help you float on the surface of mistakes and shortcomings as we swim in the agitated sea of destiny fulfillment. Better be ready to tolerate because tolerance will in the long run turn your mistakes into miracles. Without tolerance you run a big risk of drowning in the ocean of disappointment that surrounds the pursuit of success. You will need to apply tolerance towards yourself, and towards others.


The Bible says in (Jeremiah 17:9) that the heart of man is desperately wicked and nobody can understand it. Nobody can fully understand everything about the heart he carries including you. Even we Christians with our regenerated heart, from time to time do things only to regret after. It is progressively that you will gain control over your thoughts, emotions, reactions and behavior. You should thus be ready to withstand the unpleasant effects of your present mistakes, forgive yourself and keep going, struggling toward perfection. A better way to know yourself is to know your domineering temperament. When you know your domineering temperament, you will better understand why you think the way you think, behave the way you do, and react the way you do.

Without tolerance no one will ever finally reach the dreamed destination of success. Without tolerance you will have to throw away many people, dump many opportunities, and dump even yourself, but it should not be so. You should be lenient. Lenience starts with you:
Be lenient with Your Failures
As we said somewhere, failure is a sure experience on the way of success. At time you will fail to respect your daily priorities, at times you will fail to reach your daily goals. Other times you will take the wrong decision or make the wrong choice. At time you will use the wrong word, or put on the wrong behavior. Assuredly, each time you fail and that failure happens to influence the achievement of your vision, you feel very devastated. You feel as to just surrender and abandon. No, don’t surrender, forgive yourself, gather your pieces and keep going. There is no successful person who was not during a period of his life very mad at himself. They were mad about their failures, they felt discouraged and broken, but still they got up, laughed over the situation and kept going. They had decided to tolerate, they expected the best and finally had it.

Even good people have bad days. There are times that you will really have good intentions in taking decisions, only to discover later on that you have committed a mistake, that you did the wrong thing. If it happens, all you have to do is laugh over the situation and keep on going. You have to watch because many people have the tendency of being too strict even with their own self which is good, but those who remain in their strictness and are not ready to tolerate at all are running the risk of throwing the baby with the bathing water. When we are knocked for our faults, the only Christian thing to do is to endure with meekness and patience and try to do better next time. When you have brought trouble upon yourself by your mistakes, you can only brace up and endure it manfully. Learn the lessons of your errors, but don’t let yourself be crushed under them. Don’t brood over your errors. Brooding will not help matters, instead resolve to do better next time and ask God to help you. Rise Above your mistakes if you have learned your lesson, God will help you out.

With every blessing there is a battle. One of the battles on the way of your destiny is the battle with your shortcomings and it will take some while to win it .Do you know you have shortcomings? Of course everybody has them. At times you do some things that you don’t really want to do, at other times you react in a way and only regret after. Some people are naturally very irritable so the least offense makes them mad, they will shout only to regret later, such a person can destroy many vital relationships in his life because of anger and vexation. If it happens what should he do? Should he go and hang? Other people are very forgetful others are lazy. All those regrettable actions are what we call shortcomings. Of course in the long run you are expected to dominate your shortcomings, but before you can reach that level, learn how to tolerate them. If not you will constantly live with a guilty conscience and with a spirit of self-condemnation and in the worst case even abandon your vision and compromise your destiny.


As you are taught to be lenient with yourself, you are also advised to be indulgent with others. Just as you have your weaknesses, every man has his. It may be your spouse, your child, business partner, boss, or servant; they all have weaknesses. Some men are naturally proud, others are very arrogant, some are very stingy, still some are very loud and indeed you will come across some of them as you struggle to be something for God, men with different flaws. Among those who will be willing to help you are some proud ones, so boastful and ready to tell anyone who wants to hear that they helped you. You will not run away, still you will go closer and achieve what you want from them. Any man knows what he wants in life. Someone who is not intentionally trying to use his weaknesses to stop your vision should be tolerated. But, run away from any person who wants to use his shortcomings against you. You have to decide whether to keep a relationship or not depending on how it influences your ambitions in life. But never break a relationship just because of a weakness. If you cultivate the habit of getting mad at any least offense or disappointment from others, this will cost you many vital connections. If you want people to like you, forgive them when they wrong you.

As you deal with men, you will not only come across some of them with outstanding weaknesses, you will also meet some who will seriously criticize you. They will criticize your decisions, disapprove your plans and views. They will condemn your dreams. They will disparage your approach. The Lord Jesus was seriously criticized by the men of his generation. Not all men condemn because they want to destroy. Some do it simply because they have not yet understood you; be patient with such. With time as they get to understand you they will appreciate you. Learn to tolerate even people’s criticisms. You may be a pastor who needs to tolerate his Christians’ criticisms, a businessman who needs to tolerate those of his business associates, a parent who needs to tolerate those of his children, or a boss who needs to tolerate those of his workers. A man’s wisdom gives him patience. It is to his glory to overlook an offense.

Some people are just ignorant of some things; they are not as informed as you are. You will wish that they know the things you know for you to move faster in your relationship but they are still very ignorant of many things. Also bear with them, help them acquire some knowledge and upgrade themselves. You have to develop a positive attitude towards people if you want to bring out their best. If you see a person as a loser; you will probably treat that person as a loser and more often than not, the person will respond like a loser. On the other hand if you approach that same person with a positive attitude, if you see his potentials, he will often exhibit them. Often times, your understanding is the soil in which other people grow.

Be lenient with men, endure their offenses. As an unknown author said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” People can change, and people do change. However, their change is often preceded by your attitude towards them. When we forgive others, they will eventually forgive themselves, and will also learn to forgive others. It may seem not apparent, but the basic truth is that no one wants to be a failure. Everyone wants to succeed. Everyone wants to achieve something or be somebody. Of course, we may not see it on people’s faces; outwardly some people look so demotivated, downcast, and pessimistic, that they don’t seem to have any ambition at all. Despite their appearance, the reality is that deep down, somewhere inside those people, there is still a little spark of desire to have or be more. If you will remember that, it will be much easier to have a positive attitude toward such people.

IN CONCLUSION, Take tolerance with you; it will be to you as a life-jacket to help you float in the turbulent sea of disappointment, as you travel on the sea of destiny fulfillment, by it, you will bear your mistakes and those of others.



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