We are drawing closed the end of our live-changing series we introduced some months ago entitled, 24 absolute principles of destiny fulfillment.

When we began we said, destiny fulfillment is an absolute necessity, because God sent anyone of us in this terrible planet for a mission which will called our destiny. It is thus normal for any man passing through this tearful earth, to stand a bit and ask: “why I am here?” and seek for ways to accomplish that why. That was exactly the purpose of this series.
In that motion we said , in other to fulfill our mission in this world at least 24 principles are indispensable. Principles such as:
-Discovering our destiny
-Having a burning desire to accomplish our mission in life
-Having a persuading vision
-Setting mistakes free goals
-Taking wise decisions
-Making good use of our time
-Getting up from failure,
Just to name of few. You can check the archives on this blog to access all the 22 absolute principles of destiny fulfillment that we have already discussed.
Today we are dealing with 23rd  principle, and it is a pure Christian principle:

I am negatively surprised that among the many books on success principles I have read, very few have mentioned collaboration with the Holy–Spirit has being a success principle. It always amazes me that there are thousands of Christians who do not see the importance of the Holy Spirit.
In my opinion, collaboration with the Holy-Spirit is not only important for success, it is indispensable. The Holy-Spit is a wonderful asset that God has put at the disposal of the believer to help him succeed in anything he wants to do in life for God’s glory. Failing to collaborate with the Holy-Spirit is not only a mistake, it is a great loss. How efficient we could have been, how productive we could have been, how successful we could have been had we known the importance and learned to collaborate with the Holy Spirit. To Charles Finney, the inefficiency we experience because of lack of collaboration with Holy-Spirit is a great guilt. This is how he expresses it, “your guilt is equal to all the good you might do if you were filled with the Spirit of God in as great a measure as it is your duty to be. You are entirely responsible to the church and God for all this good that you might do.”
Before returning to heaven, Jesus left with his children the greatest gift that he could possible had left; the Holy Spirit. In giving us the Holy-Spirit he promised, “You shall receive power,” (acts1:8). He is the miraculous power in the universe. He is the heartiest force in the world. “Modern science has introduced many innovations to our everyday world; powers we never dreamed possible even twenty-five or thirty years ago. But there is a power that is greater than any earthly power. It is the power of the holy spirit.” The power we receive from the Holy-Spirit will help you excel in your calling, breakthrough the difficulties of life and fulfill your God given purpose. The Holy Spirit is the greatest power in the world; and so the greatest secret to succeed in the world is to collaborate with him. There must be fellowship with the Holy-Spirit if the believer is to attain the fullness of God as spoken of in Ephesians 3; 19. Our relationship with the Holy-Spirit is vital. It is essential in order to achieve God’s will in our lives, as only He can execute God’s wishes and bring them to fruition. The believer will suffer great loses and get limited results when he attempts to operate on his own resources. The spirit is the motivator of destiny as the soul is the activator. “The holy spirit wants to be your constant companion as Jesus was with His disciples. The Holy-Spirit is a precise planner and motivator,” and is ready to lead us if we will collaborate with him.


We observed that to stay successful we should constantly make good decisions. Collaboration with the Holy- Spirit is the best way to make good decisions, we may not be too versed with this at the beginning of our search to fulfill destiny. But as time passes, and for us to finish well we have to learn this collaboration. Indeed it increases our chances to finish well. The more we advance in success and gain reputation, the more it becomes urgent for us to do things rightly. We should be able to seize just the right chances. But most of the times we don’t really know which chance is the right one to pick. The more we advance in success, the more we need the right relationships, but not all the people we come across in the street nor those who come to us may really be needful for our destiny; and at times those we think are not useful actually have something to do with our destiny.
Peter was once confronted with such dilemma. When he was sent to Cornelius’s house by the Holy Spirit, (Acts 10:9-40). Under normal circumstances Peter would never have gone to Cornelius’s house because it was an abomination for a normal Jew to enter the house of a pagan like Cornelius, but Peter and Cornelius needed each other in order to fulfill their destinies. Thank God the Holy Spirit was there to direct and bring them together. Some times during the course of our destinies we are also called upon to choose among locations. How do you cope during those moments? Paul had such an experience when he needed to know the right direction; it is the Holy-Spirit who directed him. (Acts 16:6-10). If some great men before us made use of the asset of collaborating with Holy- Spirit, why shouldn’t we?


God gives guidance today as it is needed by the believer, this may come through reading the scriptures and various other ways. He may guide one person to do something which he will not guide another person to do. God will speak to you differently than he will speak to others. It is the Holy-Spirit responsibility to guide each individual in his personal life and calling. The believer has the promise that the Holy Spirit will lead him in all truths. When we are seeking for his leadership, these are some ways that he uses to speak to us:
The Word Of God
The first instrument that God uses to speak and reveal his will to the believer, is the Bible. From the Bible we know God’s will, and what he says about how to succeed in life. The formula for successful living is found in the word of God. Each time you ask for his will over any issue he may give the answer through a portion of the scriptures. This portion comes to you either as you are reading the Bible, or a portion you read some times ago is brought to your remembrance, providing an answer over a particular issue.
The Small Still Voice
Every Christian surely has the Holy Spirit living in him. This spirit always speaks to us through a small whisper in our hearts. When you are in doubt and want to know God’s opinion over a situation, try listening to the small still voice that would speak in your conscience. When you have taken the problem to God in prayer, open your heart and listen, most of the times God will whisper the answer to your heart. Learn how to quiet your mind after prayer and listen to the still voice of the spirit, he wants to be heard.
Personal Conviction
The Holy Spirit also speaks to us through personal conviction. Personal conviction here refers to the impression you receive on your human spirit after praying to God for an answer. This is how personal conviction works; when you pray to God for an answer, under normal circumstances you have some human suggestions running through your mind. When God wants to convince you over a suggestion, he will bring peace in your heart when you think of it.That is a good criterion by which you can judge whether the thoughts you are thinking and the things you are doing are right for you. When God approves of a solution, you feel joy, satisfaction and strength running through your being. The joy you are feeling is a sign from the Holy Spirit telling you that you are on the right tract. Contrarily, when instead of feeling joy and satisfaction your mind feels but fear and doubt, it is a prove that the Holy-Spirit doesn’t agree of it.
At times the Holy Spirit speaks to us through circumstances. If you are taking a way which is not the right one, or undertaking something which is not what God wants, he may use circumstances like failure, difficulties and setbacks to tell you that you are on the wrong tract. Not all the problems we meet on our way to destiny are from the devil, some of them are actually from God; he wants us to notice that we are doing the wrong thing. So be very careful when things start going wrong. On the way to success, you should bind the devil when things are going wrong but also check whether the Holy-Spirit is not trying to call you to attention!
Visions And Dreams
At times the Holy Spirit uses dreams or visions to speak to us. We are all aware of the Macedonian call that God gave Paul in a vision to ask him to carry the gospel to Macedonia, (Acts 16:6-10).
We all need to collaborate with Holy-Spirit. That collaboration is a wonderful opportunity and privilege as it will help us finish our destiny journey. Missing that collaboration is a great loss that will not go without great consequences and regrets.

God bless you


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