And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it. John 14:13-14.
That Bible passage introduces us to the twenty-fourth and last absolute principle of destiny fulfillment of our series.

Every principle I have shared with you till now, is a key ingredient in the recipe for success but, prayer is the most important.
In his book Who Won the 94 World Cup? Alex Ribeiro, present Director of (Athletes for Christ), reports that when the Brazilian soccer team was going to play the 1994 soccer world cup in the United State of America, they had five matured Christian in the team. Namely: Jorginho, Dunga, Taffarel, Zinho, Paulo Sergio, and Branco. Bebeto had just started his Christian walk with God. Before, and during the tournament they were always gathering to pray that Brazil should break what had seemed like a curse and win the world cup for the fourth time. Their prayer was answered that day of the final when after praying to Jesus, Goal keeper Taffarel caused Roberto Baggio to miss the last penalty. No prayer goes unanswered, prayer surely changes things; even if it fails to change things for you, it will surely change you for things.
People in all walks of life, today, agree to the fact that prayer is indispensable if we want to finish the race of true success. Almost all great success authors discuss Prayer and as indispensable success principle. People who win over difficult times are people who never stopped believing. These winners, survivors, pray for God’s guidance and when they know what they have to do, they take action. Prayer is the most tremendous power in the world. When you pray affirmative prayers, they release the powers by which positive results are accomplished. Prayer helps for personal efficiency. Prayer helps to tap forces and to utilize strength not otherwise available. Prayer can refresh you up every evening and send you out renewed each morning.
Anyone who wants true success should greatly esteem prayer. Prayer is the foundation principle; it is the principle upon which all the others stand. Without prayer any other success principle will not have any foundation and support, and may consequently fall at any time.

Things Will Be Different Because You Have Prayed
If you pray for anything, it may be for your son, wife, husband, job, business; things will be different than they would have been. This means that because you prayed for you son this morning, his day will be different than it would have been. Prayer has an effect, it is worthwhile. So pray, no prayer ever goes in vain. Each time you pray for anything, your prayers will surely have effect. Prayer always makes things different.

The Throne Of Grace Is Wide Open To Me
This is an important statement. The throne of grace is wide open to you, and anything on God’s heart is available to you if you pray. Prayer is centered on the throne of grace and what a privilege to enter in and access the throne. The hymn writer acclaims, “What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer, “but regrets, “what a joy we often forfeit oh, what needless pain we bear all because we do not carry everything to God in prayers.” Why not pray when the throne of grace is wide opened, prayer is a great privilege.

Nothing Is Born Without Conception
Natural conception doesn’t just happen; there must be a physical union. Similarly an answer to prayer doesn’t just happen; there must be a union with God through prayer. Prayer is not a hit or miss proposition; today I hit tomorrow I miss. God operates on the basis of principles found in scripture. Your spirit is put in union with the spirit of God and conception can take place. It is only when conception takes place that our answer to prayer can be born.


At times, our difficulty may lie in the way to go about with prayer. Here are some practical guides to help you as you engage in a prayerful life
Start With Singing (Ps100:1-2)
It is a good thing to always start your prayer time with singing. Singing prepares your heart and spirit to meet God, and also gives chance to the Holy Spirit to direct you. “Each time you start your prayer time by singing you will be surprised and amazed at how singing and making a joyful noise to the Lord changes your countenance and wakes you up!” Singing also sets the tune of your time with the Lord; when we start prayer by singing we are saying “I’m here, I’m happy and joyful about being here to have fellowship with you Lord.
Pause A Bit And Meditate On God (Ps100:3)
A few moment of meditation upon God’s power is crucial in prayer. We should always remember that “it is he who made us and we are his.” Meditate on God’s sovereignty and goodness. This meditation upon God removes our minds from us and focuses it on the Lord. By it we are awed by his greatness and power, and humbled by the way he loves and cares for each of us. Having seen God as he really is, our focus will be in the right place when we pray and present our petitions to him. Pausing a bit to meditate on God also helps us to enter his presence in faith, which is the essential element in prayer. We must understand that the only ones who adequately prepare themselves for prayer are those who are so impressive with God’s majesty.

Continue With Thanksgiving
After singing and meditating, the next thing to do is to start thanking God. Thank God for what he has done for you, to your family, your business. In singing we are praising God for who he is, in meditating we are seeing God’s attributes. Now with thanksgiving we are thanking God for all the things he has done for us. Remembering past deeds God has done on our behalf reinforces our faith for the future. The Lord told the Israelites to remember his delivering power, (1sam 7:12). In thanksgiving, don’t ignore any blessing of God both great and small ones. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more you will have to express gratitude for. Re-look at the world with new eyes and give thanks to God for all the good things present in your life. Appreciation is application for more.

Start To Pray Specifically
When by faith we are before the throne of grace, we have the liberty to ask God for specific requests. Don’t be vague tell God exactly what you expect of him. Most of the prayer request can be inspired in our hearts just as we meditate and thank God. Thus when we start to pray we already have some topics to pray for, plus those topics we prepared in advance. The Holy-Spirit is the author and instigator of a successful prayer life. He makes intercession for us on what to pray for. He directs our prayer to the areas of our lives that need empowering and cleansing, as well as strength to meet each day’s temptations.

Start The Topics By Those That Concern You
Bind all satanic influence against your life, your business, your job, your family. Bind his influence on you future and on your destiny. Then lose all delayed blessings in your business, job, family, children etc… Then cover your future with the blood of Jesus. Release your doors of favor and blessings. Jesus has promised to do all whatever we ask him. Be specific in your request.
The practical guides I have just highlighted are those that are generally used. You are free to develop your personal approach to prayer time. In the final analysis what really matters is contact with God. I fully agree with Norman Vincent Peale when he says, “bear in mind that the secret of prayer is to find the process that will most effectively open your mind humbly to God. Any method through which you can stimulate the power of God to flow into your mind is legitimate and usable.

                                        God bless you


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