prepare for your chance will surely come

Abraham Lincoln once said, “I will prepare, and some day my chance will come.” When his chance came, he was ready. When your chance come would you be ready?

I know that sports stories don’t speak to everyone, but if you’ll indulge me, I think Roger Milla has something powerful to teach us about preparation. Even though Roger Milla has always been a great footballer in his amazing career, he is most remembered for his exploits during the 1990 world cup in Italy. What most of us ignore is that behind those performances lay special training and preparation. Despite his age, Milla still felt that the Italian world cup could be an opportunity to impress the world and end his tremendous career in a grand style. The newspaper reported, and I heard Roger Milla also confirmed that prior to that tournament he decided to exile himself to the tiny Indian Ocean island of Reunion to be a player-coach for a semiprofessional team called St. Pierre de la Reunion. Milla received very little money or attention in Reunion. But for him, it was a chance to prepare for a tournament that was to change the story of his life. Milla for a while avoided the extraneous pressures and distractions that are so prevalent in the European leagues and particularly in international competition. There, even though being a player and coach, Milla still recruited a personal physical coach with whom he was training. The result of that special training was made manifest at the view of the entire world. Milla Amazed all soccer fans with his astonishing performances during the Italian world cup. What was true to roger Milla is what is true with all those you see performing well. They take time to prepare and to train. Roger was so great because, when his chance came to make an impact, he was ready. And because he was ready, chances came again and again. You should learn this: it doesn’t matter what awaits you just across the sea if you haven’t built a boat.


It Will Not Fail To Have a Positive Repercussion on Your Performances
All those you see performing exceptionally well in their field have trained. They made sure they acquired the specialized knowledge and skills they needed to do well. Training will surely have a positive repercussion on your performances. The quality of your preparation determines the quality of your performance. When you learn how to prepare yourself and equip yourself with the tools and skills you need to be successful, you execute your plans and turn them into winning results.
It Will Not Fail To Enhance Your Chances to Succeed
Those who train become more performant and consequently increase their chances to succeed. Those who fail to train weaken their chances for success because really, ‘knowledge is power’. Finally, the well-informed person who has the right answers is the one who will impress the greater number of people. So, get smart!
It Will Not Fail To Provide You with Any Type of Knowledge You Need
There is no way to be knowledgeable without training. But with training we surely acquire knowledge. Train yourself. Don’t be tempted, as many are, to make shortcuts, to avoid the hard years of serious study. The preparation may be tedious. But those who are too lazy to learn, who never gain the knowledge they could have, weaken their chances for success because information is authority.
Training Will Not Fail to Prepare You to Face the Challenges of Our Speedily Changing World
The knowledge you acquire today may not be sufficient ten years from now. But as you continue training, you will surely upgrade yourself. The world is evolving; everyday there are new discoveries and new ideas in any field of work. The way pastoring was done some years ago is different from how it is done today. The way business was done some years ago is different from the way it is done today. The way bosses behave at work today is different from the way they behaved some years ago. To stay current you need constant training. Some years ago the post office was used to send letters. Today we prefer the internet which is a more reliable and faster means. Back then, data was preserved in exercise books. Now computers are used. In times past, only few people could communicate through phones. Today, with mobile phones even children can make calls. Despite the constant and rapid changes our world is going through, Training and continuous training can upgrade anyone with knowledge to face the challenges of this ever altering universe.

If you don’t prepare, your chance may meet you unready. And more likely, since you are not ready, your chance will probably never come. People often say, “If only I had a chance.” Maybe it’s a chance at a new position, a bigger challenge or to do something different. Perhaps they are waiting for a chance to prove themselves or a chance to really make a difference. But I wonder – if they were offered that new challenge today, would they be ready to meet it? Are they prepared to take full advantage?

God bless you!


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