9 tips for setting an effective live purpose

Benjamin E. Mayes once made this comment: “The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.” Purpose is paramount in life and we cannot make real impact with our existence without that clear define aim.  Living a purposeless life is a real tragedy.
Because of the many alarm sound that are sounded today through various means, many people are now conscious that they need to set a purpose for their lives. Their challenge may now be with how to proceed to develop that purpose that will compel them to get up from the bed every day. Here are, NINE TECHNIQUES TO DEVELOP A PERSUADING LIFE PURPOSE:
 Start with prayer.
God is the maker of life consequently; any real life purpose must fit to his will. We learn God’s will by spending time in his presence. The key to knowing God’s heart is having a relationship with him; a personal relationship. Even if we study general principles to know God’s will, he still directs us in very personal ways. God will speak to you differently than he will speak to others, hence the importance of starting with prayer. God is not a God of confusion, whenever he sees a sincere seeker with a confused heart; he will do whatever it takes to help him see his will. The moment you decide to give a real meaning to your life, start asking God of that meaning in prayer.
 Find a quiet place.
It is advisable that you think and plan for your future when you are alone. It is true for us children of God that He can drop an inspiration in our heart even in the presence of many people and even in the midst of plenty noise, but the moment you are alone you should re-think about the inspiration to properly understand it. It’s been proven that your mind is most receptive to visualization when you’re calm and not thinking about a lot of things simultaneously.
 Consider the areas where you have been producing good results.
The areas where you have been experiencing success can be an indication of the direction God wants you to carry your life to. Does it mean all the areas where you have failed till now can never be God’s will for your life? Not necessarily, we will rather say, things that are not working in your life now cannot be good areas to understand God’s will for your life. It is true that what is not working in your life today, may work tomorrow, but at the initial purpose development, it is preferable to consider more of the area you have been succeeding in. Look at the area in which you have experienced success.
 You should not be overwhelmed by the possible difficulties.
If God is inspiring you with an especially great vision, you should not focus on its difficulties. Instead, focus on the rewards and benefits it will have on others even if at the same time weighing the costs and obstacles. Most people become overwhelmed by the difficulties of a purpose and give it up. Beware of the difficulties but concentrate on the steps. Even the largest purposes are obtained one step at a time. Just remember to restrict your vision in the limits of your talents, God does not expect you to do extraordinary things with your life he wants you to do just the ones he created you for.
 Don’t worry if you don’t know all the details.
Visualizing a goal is more important than knowing every detail or even any details of how you will achieve it. The first step for a painter is to visualize the end result, at least in concept; the means of achieving that result are extremely variable. He might need different materials and styles. And some of the steps may require new skills or may depend on ideas and inspiration that the artist knows will arrive at the appropriate time. He doesn’t worry about them not being there at the beginning.
 Ask the opinion of others.
The opinion of others can also direct you as you seek to know what to be in the future. Always remember that even when God is acting in all his sovereignty he still uses but man to answer your prayer, therefore the advice of those who really love and care about you can be of great help in making a vision statement for your life. The opinion of others can be a strong indication of what God wants you to do with your life.
 Write it down.
It is advised that the moment you start imagining who you want to be for God, it is better to put it in writing. Writing it will help you to express it better, and to remember it easily. Write it in details.
 It should be positive, brief and appealing.
When you are writing it down, state it in a positive manner a Powerful Vision Appeals to Your Heart. It appeals to your spirit, your emotion, and your intuition. A powerful vision paints a picture that is so alluring, so exciting, vivid, and real and challenging that you can almost taste it, feel it, and see it—because it’s right out there in front of you. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had such a vision. That’s why he said “I have a dream.” He did not say, “I have a strategic plan.” A powerful purpose is brief and catchy.
 Start to do.
The more you do, the more you understand how God wants you to do it. Anyone who ever fulfilled his life’s destiny will tell you that he didn’t fully understand it at the beginning but as he started applying the little God had revealed to him, the more he discovered what God still had in store for him. Don’t wait until you know all what God wants you to do with your life before start to do it. Start from the little you know and along the way you will understand more of where God is taking you to. We don’t need to have the whole picture in our minds all at once, if all we understand clearly is our next step, we should take that step.



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