secrets to make a maximum profit of your days


My wife taught me a vital lesson which has transformed the way I use my days. Unlike formally, I now make a maximum profit of them.
One morning my wife cane to me and said, “You shouldn’t crucify yourself between two thieves.” She had just discovered a powerful concept from the book she was reading. Then I asked her to explain what she means. She said, “Yesterday is a cancelled cheque and it is gone. Tomorrow is a promissory note. And today is cash.” Still I didn’t understand where she was heading to. Fortunately she continued with her explanation, “you can live in your yesterday too much and forget that you still have today to life. Likewise, you can allow yourself to be so much absorbed by your tomorrow that you neglect what you have to do today. I was snow ready to catch her life changing lesson, and then it came, “yesterday is a potential thief or your today if you dwell in either its failures or successes. Tomorrow can also rob you of today if you live too must in your dreams. By the moment I had caught the lesson, she repeated ‘BEWARE: YOU SHOULDN’T CRUCIFY YOURSELF BETWEEN TWO THIEVES.”
From that teaching, I make maximum profit of each day God grants me. You want to know how I go about is I guess. It is simple:
1- I start my day with prayer
When I get us each morning, I take time to commune with my God through prayer. I do it because of three compelling reasons:
A) God who as granted me the new day deserves my thanks. So I take time to thank God for his protection during the night and for making me to see a new day. I am fully aware that some people sleep and never get up, because they are death.
B) I remember a Swedes saying: “shared joy is double joy, and shared sorrow is half-sorrow.” I have joy to share and especially my sorrow. To me, my God should be the first person to share my joys and sorrows. I know I have some sorrows that I cannot share with a man. Those ones I share only with my God.
C) I need protection and strength to go about the new day. Those, God alone can provide.

Now you see why I always start my day with prayer.
2- I establish my ‘to do list’. This is a list that comprises the different things I will do within the day. An effective to-do list is not a wish list. It is realistic, and it keeps your motivation level high enough so that you want to move from one task to another. When you have a list in front of you, it will permit you to easily analyze the different tasks, compare them, and even delegate them. Each time you have accomplished a task that is on your ‘to do list’, tick it and it will give you a feeling of satisfaction. Always commit this list to God every morning in prayer.

3- I go about my activities with commitment, concentration, and fun.

a) Commitment because I have to do as much as I can. The Bible says in Proverb that what you ever my hand fids to do, I should do it with all my strength.
b) Concentration because many things can distract someone in the world today. I as for me, until I have placed a tick on all the items of my ‘to do list’, there is no room for relaxation.
c) Fun because it makes work easy and enjoyable. Even work it is fun. Especially when you are doing the work of your passion.
4- I end my day with prayer.
-I thank God for a day well spend
– I confess any sin I might have committed within the day and ask God to forgive me
– I commit the night in the hands of the Lord asking him to protect me and protect my neighbors.

You may add more points on this list to make good use of your own day. Whatever be the case, remember the lesson: BEWARE: YOU SHOULDN’T CRUCIFY YOURSELF TWO BETWEEN THIEVES

God bless you


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