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Decision making is an integral part of our everyday life. Indeed, every day and every minute of our lives, we are called to take decisions. Studies show that the average person makes 612 decisions a day, in a week that means 4900 and in a year 254800. Decision making would be much easier if there were no consequences, but the reality is that every decision carries inevitable results. What we will be in the next hour and where we will be in the next hour depends much on the choices we make and the decisions we take this hour. What we are today and where we are today was determined by the decisions we made yesterday. What we will be tomorrow and where we will be tomorrow depends on the decisions we make today. Decision-making is therefore a crucial issue that has to be handled with care. Decisions have to be taken wisely and on time, if we want good results. Here are my three tips to help you take good decisions:
1- Decide on a way to glorify God
If you always take decisions in the perspective of obeying and pleasing God, you will increase your chances of always taking good decisions. When faced with complicated choices, always ask:” if it were Jesus in this case what would he do?”

2- Always take decisions in the direction of your God-given vision for life.
For instance, if an aspiring preacher has to choose between buying a good book and buying a good pair of shoes, he should go for the former one. When someone has a God-given vision, it should influence and direct his choices in life. If our choices in life are consistent with the vision God has given us, we will have less to regret

3- Decide to do things that will help you maintain a good relationship with others
But these relationships should be only those which don’t conflict with your destiny. Though we always try to protect our interest at the detriment of peace, from hindsight we often realized that such approach leads us to make a wrong choice. Thus, giving privilege to peace with others in our decision-making will increase our chances of making good decisions.

God bless you!
Do you think I am right?

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