Purpose is for life what the heart is for the body. The day the two fail you die. Life is so vague and elusive that living a purposeless life is like running aimlessly in the equatorial forest. So, purpose is the compass that orients us as we walk through the tight forest which is this life.
But there is an agonizing reality: despite the absolute necessary nature of purpose, many don’t have a purpose for their life. And it is a catastrophe.
According to my research, two main factors account for this rather crippling mistake. One is that people ignore the importance of purpose and the other is that many people don’t know how to develop a persuasive purpose for their life. In a former post, I lengthy discussed the importance of living a purposeful life. For today, these are:

 Start with prayer.
Prayer is the most powerful weapon in the world; it affects everything including our life. Besides, God is the maker of life and any real purpose for life must fit his will. So by prayer, you discern God’s will, and derive power to develop a persuasive purpose for your life. We learn God’s will by spending time in his presence. And, God is so kind that each time he sees a sincere seeker with a confused heart; he will do whatever it takes to help him see his will.
 Find a quiet place.
We cannot properly perceive a voice in the midst of plenty noise. And, reflecting is a matter of expecting a voice either form God or from your conscience. Therefore, there should be absolute quietness around us when we think about setting our life purpose. It’s been proven that your mind is most receptive to visualization when you’re calm and not thinking about a lot of things simultaneously. Doubtless, you may have some good ideas about your life even in the presence of many people and even in the midst of plenty noise. But,
The moment you are alone re-think about the inspiration to properly understand it. Then apply it to your life.
 Consider the areas where you have been producing good results.
Our destinies are always hidden in our daily routines. And success in little things often presages success in great things. So the little daily activities you do successfully, often indicate that they are part of your destiny. Does it mean that all the areas where you have failed till now can never be God’s will for your life? Not necessarily, we will rather say, things that are not working in your life now cannot be good areas to understand God’s will for your life. It is true that what is not working in your life today, may work tomorrow, but at the initial stage of purpose development, it is preferable to consider more of the area you have been succeeding in and set your life purpose accordingly.
You should not be overwhelmed by the possible difficulties.
Most people become overwhelmed by the difficulties of a purpose and give it up. It is a big mistake! What matters most in this world, is no whether we suffered or not, but rather if we accomplished the purpose for which we came. To agree with Helen Keller “Life is either a daring adventure, or it is nothing.” So, if that purpose fits Gods’ will, and can bless you and bless others, set it. Besides what you consider as obstacles now, in the future will look like stepping stones.

 Don’t worry if you don’t know all the details.
Visualizing a purpose is more important than knowing every detail or even any details of how you will achieve it. The first step for a painter is to visualize the end result, at least in concept; the means of achieving that result are extremely variable. He might need different materials and styles. And some of the steps may require new skills or may depend on ideas and inspiration that the artist knows will arrive at the appropriate time. He doesn’t worry about them not being there at the beginning.

We shall continue this discussion in a future post.



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